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  • OS v3.2: Auto bulk upload feature


    In OpenSpecimen v3.2, we are releasing a new feature to consume CSV files automatically if dropped in a folder.

    What is the feature?
    Store OpenSpecimen’s BO compatible CSV files in a designated folder in the server. OpenSpecimen will keep monitoring this folder for new files and when a new file is found, will consume the file.

    Why is this needed?
    Mainly integrations! No need to bother about using OS REST APIs. Just create CSV files and drop them into a folder. Also it is completely asynchronous, i.e. even if the OS server is down for maintenance, it will consume the files when its back up again.

    E.g. you would like to integrate with EPIC or Velos. All you would do is, create a CSV file for every new patient or visit and store it in the folder. Same for any other database.

    Which objects are supported?
    All objects which has a BO template is supported. E…g participant, specimen, visits, custom forms, etc.

    Key things to remember

    1. File names should follow naming convention
    2. File format should adhere to the corresponding BO template

    For more details read: https://openspecimen.atlassian.net/wiki/x/A4BYAg


    OpenSpecimen v3.2 Release