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  • Error starting OpenSpecimen on Tomcat 9

    Hello @Simon_Streit,

    1. Please open the openspecimen.properties file. That will be present in $TOMCAT_HOME/conf directory.

    2. Search for app.data_dir property. It’s a data directory path.

    3. Goto the data directory. In the data directory path the logs directory is present.

    4. Goto data/logs/ directory. Check for os.log file. This file contains the logs of OpenSpecimen application.

    5. If logs directory is not present, please check tomcat logs. Those will be present in the $TOMCAT_HOME/logs directory. Check catalina.out file.

    6. The pages are blank, may be the app is not connecting to DB.

    7. Please share both log files with us or paste the error here that encountered in the logs.


    Thanks my post was meant to actually help him solve his problems. Since they were related to the init of the vue.js app.