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  • BarTender printing issue


    I have setup my first integration file using BarTender 2019 and can print labels in our OS v6.2 environment. The problem is that I can’t get BarTender to stop sending print jobs, which occurs over and over and over again. To stop it I have to stop the integration, unplug the printer and clear the print queue. I have tried New Record Detection methods: (1) Use all records, and remove when done, (2) Field has increasing value, and (3) Field has specified value. I’ve started searching the BarTender support but have had no luck yet.

    Has anyone else experienced this? If so, please let me know how you resolved it.



    After speaking with BarTender Support, I learned that the issue was caused by a bug in BarTender 2019 R4. They have corrected it in R5. The workaround for R4 is to un-check “Resend failed print jobs” on the Action tab in the Print Document section in Integration Builder. By default this setting was checked and set to send a failed print job one time, but the bug does not recognize the failure criteria was satisfied.