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    Here is your monthly pick of biobanking buzz from the OpenSpecimen team.

    We’ll be there at the ISBER Regional Meeting this November. Come and meet us at Booth No. 8 to know more about OpenSpecimen.

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    New clients:

    • National Eye Institute (NIH, USA)
    • King’s College London for the Precise Network project (Africa)

    OpenSpecimen’s Mobile app development initiated

    We are excited to announce the initiation of the “OpenSpecimen Mobile App" development. The first version of the app will support patient registration, consents, questionnaires, and specimen collection. To enable offsite data collection in remote sites with no internet, the mobile app will also support the “offline data collection” mode. In future versions, users can look up details of specimens or boxes by scanning the labels. The first version of the mobile app will be released in Dec 2019 and will be enhanced in future releases based on customer feedback.

    OSCON19: Australia

    We just concluded our “Community Meet” in Cairns Australia. A big thanks to all our adopters for participating and making the meeting successful.