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  • Container with child-container of different types


    Dear Openspecimen,

    Wondering is it possible for Openspecimen container to hold child-container of different types?

    E.g. a rack containing boxes of different types.

    Many thanks.


    Can you elaborate on “boxes of different types”?
    If you are asking if you can store containers and boxes in a parent container, yes you can.


    yes. for example, currently my “freezer” store “shelf” and “shelf” stores “rack”, “rack” stores “box” and “box” stores specimen.

    however, we have a temporary “box” that we don’t put on any rack but just in a freezer.

    So, can my freezer store both “shelf” and “box”? If so, not sure how i can define it as currently it seems I can only define one type of child container when creating container types.

    Many thanks.