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    Regarding custom forms (i.e. dynamic extensions) in OS v1.0, I see it is very straightforward to add a form to an additional collection protocol. This process is much improved over caTissue Plus. Is it possible to remove/delete a form from a collection protocol as well?



    Hello Matt,

    In v1.0 or v1.1, we do not have remove form option. However, going forward, we do have plans to implement remove form option in future releases.



    Has form removal from a collection protocol been implemented? If so, what version?

    We have a protocol that was cloned from another protocol and the tumor bankers would like the unused forms removed.



    I found how to remove the form, but it’s set to be used by ALL Collection Protocols.

    Is there a way to see which Collection Protocol actually entered data into the form so that I could set the form to only be used in those Collection Protocols and remove the ALL and Future Protocols designation.


    You can use Queries to see what CP’s have used the form.

    Here’s what you can do:

    1. Export all form data through query interface.
    2. Fix the form to link to only those CP’s that use it.
    3. Import the form data back via bulk import for those CP’s.

    You will need to do step 3 because changing the form linkage from all CP’s to just a few will remove all the data associated with the form.


    Great, will give it a try,