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  • Do you use OpenSpecimen for a Virtual Biobank?


    We are interested in using OpenSpecimen (OS) as a platform for a virtual biobank (VB). This VB would give visibility to many biobanks across the world in front of researchers looking for samples. The researchers are the general scientific public. The databases of the biobanks are of widely varying quality, content and architecture.
    The process would be for biobanks to upload an extract of their databases periodically to a central OS platform where the data would be harmonized. Then researchers at large will use the OS query functionality to identify where suitable samples are held in store, before making contact with that biobank.
    Do you use OS this way or similarly?
    We would really like to talk with any OS user that uses the OS platform this way to hear your experience.
    The VB study is being undertaken by FIND, a Geneva based not for profit, for FIND and the WHO.
    You can reply through the portal.
    Looking forward to hearing from you,
    Dominic ALLEN and the FIND team.