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  • Freezer numbering - Shelf, Rack and Boxes


    I would like my shelf’s, racks and boxes to all start with “1”. Racks and boxes no issues but shelfs are starting at a system number.

    Code currently using for shelf’s , racks and boxes.



    Hi @rdeshano,

    This can happen if parent container, ‘CTIU_FREEZER_2’ in this case, had child containers in the past which are deleted now.

    In such a case, OpenSpecimen will fetch the next consecutive number, as the sequence, for child containers with respect to the parent still existing in the database.

    To work around this:

    #1 Delete the shelves

    #2 Rename the parent to something else like ‘CTIU_FREEZER2’.

    Note: I removed the ‘_’ before ‘2’ just to rename the parent as slightly different.

    #3 Recreate the shelves with hierarchy and the auto numbering should start from 1.

    Swapnil I.