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    Hi all,

    We have noticed that when we go to print labels from a specimen, OpenSpecimen tends to generate one .csv file per specimen being printed. For example, if we have Specimen A that has 4 children, and we want to print out all 4 labels, we end up with 4 different .csv files. Is there any way to configure OpenSpecimen so that one print job ends up in one single file? In the example above, the 4 children selected would end up in one single file instead?

    Thanks all,
    David Kraemer
    Weill Cornell Medical College


    Hi David,

    The multiple files being generated here are expected to be polled by some print label software; eg, Bartender.
    Hence, multiple files creation does not matter.

    There is a way to generate a single output file having all the specimen.
    This has to be done via UI and the output file will be downloaded from the browser.
    Follow these steps if you wish to configure in this way:

    1. Go to ‘Setting
    2. Click ‘Administrative’ --> ‘Download Labels Print File
    3. Click ‘Enable’ --> ‘Update



    Hi Swapnil,

    Thank you for the response. We do have a printing software set up to monitor the files (Brady Data Automation), however it’s causing an issue with the type of labels we are using. They are THT-152 labels that have two columns of labels. If OpenSpecimen only outputs a single label per file, then the printing software reads it one at a time and only prints out on the left-hand column. If it were able to put multiple labels into one file (as in the example above), then it would utilize all of the labels correctly in the printer. We want to avoid needing to change this from an automatic process to a manual process, as your configuration change suggests.

    David Kraemer


    Hi David,

    We do not support such a configuration. One label per file is used at many customer sites and we have not heard such request before. Maybe other end users on the forums can chip in how they have handled two columns type of labels.

    That being said, an alternative is to poll the database table os_label_print_job_items for labels to be printed. If you still need help in customizing this, please contact us at support@krishagni.com.