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  • Make Visit Name a consecutive number


    Our legacy system assigns each visit a consecutive number. Is it possible to do this in OpenSpecimen?
    The SYS_UID token will assign a system generated number but will it be consecutive? Is this token used in other places?
    Thanks for any help.


    Hi @Sarah_H,

    Yes, it is possible to setup consecutive numbers to the visits using the token %SYS_UID%.
    This token is unique to each level - Participant, visit and specimen. When assigning SYS_UID at visit level, it will only generate sequence for all the visits in the system.

    Please refer to the Wiki page for all the tokens available at the visit level.



    Thanks Neha, this is helpful. I would like to set the visit level %SYS_UID% token to start at the last number from our legacy system. Is this possible?


    Hi @Sarah_H,

    Yes, it is possible to set the visit sequence to start from a desired number. This needs to be done via database.

    Please refer to the Wiki page https://openspecimen.atlassian.net/wiki/x/kDEQBQ for visit level SYS_UID token row for the SQLs to set the sequence.