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  • Master Specimen import - close specimen


    I’m evaluating the possibility to import already existing specimens into OpenSpecimen (v6.1RC5). So far I have had great success with the Master Specimen import feature, but I’m missing the possibility to close out specimens that have already been exhausted. Adding an Activity Status column to the master specimen import file did not do the trick.

    In our specific setting we have one derivative (for which we use the entire parent specimen) and finally aliquot for storage. Could I use any of the other import to close out selected samples in a subsequent step?


    Sorry for the question… It’s possible to use the specimen (not master specimen) import (in update mode) to close specific specimens in a subsequent step.


    I created a CSV file with three columns (CP Short Title, Specimen Label and Activity Status).

    I then performed a bulk specimen upload and it successfully closed out the specimen no problem.