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  • New feature: Bulk derivative/aliquot page enhancements


    Before v5.2 the bulk derivative/aliquot page had a fixed number of fields. I.e. specimen type, quantity, created on date and location. However, technicians have to collect data like the concentration of cells or DNA or number freeze-thaw cycles, etc. per aliquot. To do so, it took a lot of page loads and clicks since it was not possible to collect such data during bulk aliquot/derivative creation.

    From v5.2, OpenSpecimen supports adding and removing fields in the derivative/aliquot page based on the collection protocol’s need via JSON. The configuration can be done at the ‘Collection Protocol’ level or at the ‘System Level’.

    Another useful feature is the option to “Add rows” and “Copy last”. This is useful to create multiple child specimens from the same parent specimen. E.g. plasma and serum.

    Before configuration:

    After Configuration:

    For more details refer: https://openspecimen.atlassian.net/wiki/x/OYA3FQ