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  • OpenSpecimen v6.3 Release


    Happy new year to everyone from OpenSpecimen team! Let us welcome the new year with the release of OpenSpecimen v6.3 with loads of usability improvements, new features and bug fixes!

    New Features

    1. Dashlets edit and delete
    2. Assign Query privilege per user
    3. Disable email notifications per user
    4. Assign Jobs per user
    5. Print token to include any field (including custom fields)
    6. Container maintenance tasks
    7. Catalog enhancements
    8. Receive event enhancements
    9. REDCap integration enhancements

    Ease of Use Enhancements

    1. Add multiple bulk-events for same specimens
    2. Configure CP list view
    3. Display message for “no records” when 0 rows to display
    4. Display visits based on conditions for longitudinal CPs
    5. Display tooltip in query results for long values

    Refer to release notes for more details.

    We have started work on v7.0 release, any feedback is welcome for new enhancements or bug fixes to be included.