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  • OpenSpecimen v7.0 Release


    OpenSpecimen v7.0 is now released with some exciting features, bug fixes, and usability enhancements.


    Topic: Introduction to eConsents and Mobile App

    Time: 13 May - Wednesday - 11 AM EST

    URL: https://zoom.us/j/9801871928

    Highlights of v7.0

    eConsents: Track consents as per the study needs. Create consent versions, consent form versioning, patient mode entry, email consents, reporting and much more

    Tablet/Mobile App: Aimed at clinical coordinators to register participants, visits, and primary specimens, and support offline mode (without internet).

    Surveys: Create surveys to collect clinical data from patients from home, e.g., medical history, consents, or any other questionnaires/surveys.

    EDC mode: Use OpenSpecimen as a one-stop solution for both clinical and biospecimen data - without having to use other databases like REDCap. Create users with the “Clinical Coordinator” role to support EDC-mode operations.

    Rules-based Forms display: Display forms based rules, e.g., display Screening form only for the Screening event or display “Tissue review event” only for tissue specimens.

    Usability enhancements: Many new features to reduce the number of clicks and pages to operate. Now you can edit participants or specimens in bulk and create aliquots/derivatives in one-screen.

    New Roles: Create users with new roles like Clinical coordinator or Consent collector - without access to any biospecimen operations.

    Release notes

    Refer to complete details in the release notes for more information.