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    Dear Openspecimen,

    I am trying to create a pivot table with PPID. For example, I want to show for each PPID, how many specimen of each specimen type I have. So, my rows will be PPID and column will be specific specimen types such as buffy coat, plasma, frozen tissue.

    When I tried to do such pivot table, I got the following error message “Non-admin users cannot run pivot table queries containing PHI fields. (QUERY_PHI_NOT_ALLOWED_IN_AGR)”.

    My colleague was able to reproduce this and she said that it appears only super-admin can do pivot table with PPID.

    Wondering is this the case? If so, is there any work-around?

    Many thanks.



    I was able to duplicate the problem in both v4.3 and v5.0.
    I can run a query fine without using the pivot table as a non-SuperAdmin.
    But when I try running the query as a pivot table, it fails.

    Apparently this bug was reported before and was supposedly resolved. See link below:

    I would resubmit the bug to support@krishagni.com

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    I just ran into the same problem. I built the pivot table for one of my customers and shared it with him so that he could rerun it as necessary. He emailed back with the same error.


    It is expected to work.

    Please share the details on support@krishagni.com with the query XML. Or reproduce it on demo.openspecimen.org so that we can have a look.



    Just to confirm, PPID in pivot tables should work.

    You must be getting the error because you have included a PHI field in the pivot table. Not due to PPID.

    If your query has no PHI fields and you are still getting the error, send us the screenshots or JSON of the query.