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  • Question regarding PPID tokens


    If we have a code for PPID as 6%CP_UID(5)% What happens when we hit 699999? Will it roll over to 700000?


    Hello Dinesh,

    No, there will be no automatic rollover. The text preceding CP_UID token could be anything e.g. CNC%CP_UID(5)%.

    In your case, it will be 6100000. The UID width will be ignored.



    Is there a way to create a UID starting with a specific number and sequentially increase, no set width? We want to start our UID automation at 600000 and sequentially go up with no limit.


    Hi @Michele_Park,

    Yes, you can set any token which generates UID to start from a specific number. For example, to set PPID to start from 600000 and increase sequentially, use the below steps.

    Step1: Set the PPID format as %CP_UID(6)%

    Step2: Update the CP_UID(n) sequence in the database by executing the SQL present here. This page also gives examples of resetting sequences for many UID tokens.

    Once you finish with the above steps, your first patient PPID starts with 600001 and increase sequentially. All UID tokens increase without any limit.