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  • SpecimenCatalog: Sharing Data with Researchers


    Most biobanks struggle with improving “utilization ratios” of their collections. The utilization ratio is the ratio of the specimen collected vs. distributed - which is critical for a biobank “sustenance.”

    OpenSpecimen’s SpecimenCatalog helps with sharing biospecimen data with researchers.

    It provides an easy-to-use interface for researchers to look for specimens of interest and submit requests. Catalogs can be created based on various conditions such as specimen type, pathological conditions, clinical diagnosis, etc.


    • Create multiple Catalogs - based on diseases and research needs
    • Control access to the Catalog through the login
    • Manage/Track specimen requests by various researchers
    • Download reports for the specimen requests
    • Can be shared with researchers who do not have OpenSpecimen

    For more details, read our latest blog here.