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  • BarTender for label printing automation

    Hi OpenSpecimen community,
    Are there any other institutions that use BarTender for label printing automation? If so, what edition are you using?
    WCM Team

    Emory University… We were using Automation, but swapped over to Enterprise after learning you had to in order to separate the DB from the Application server with Bartender.

    Julie, I am not aware of the separate DB problem mentioned by Josh. Ideally, we don’t need to use BarTender’s DB for OpenSpecimen since the automation is based on picking up files from a folder.

    But it is best to discuss this with BarTender support.

    The main requirement for any printer software (BarTender, NiceLabel, etc) is the ability to monitor a folder and pick up the print label jobs in real-time.

    You can refer here:


    Thanks for the insight, Josh!