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    Here is your monthly curated pick of biobanking news, jobs, and events from across the globe. We hope you will find this enriching and valuable. Please do let us know your feedback on how we can improve this newsletter.

    OpenSpecimen Highlights

    We wish you a very happy 2023 and great health! 2022 has been very special for OpenSpecimen. From getting some of the leading biobanks on board to conducting two successful OSCON events (USA and Australia) after the pandemic.

    Watch this short video to see the highlights of OpenSpecimen achievements in 2022.

    Wizards of Biobanking Podcast

    To mark the new year we have launched a new podcast series “Wizards of Biobanking”. We will interview some renowned biobank experts to share their knowledge and experience about various aspects of biobanking. We hope you like the first episode of our podcast. Let us know your feedback on how you like it.

    Click here to watch the first episode of the podcast by the ORIGINS Biobank, Telethon Kids.

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