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  • Case Study: OpenSpecimen Implementation at PRECISE Network (Africa)

    Check out our new case study, "OpenSpecimen Implementation at PRECISE Network (Africa).”.

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    The “PREgnancy Care Integrating translational Science, Everywhere” (PRECISE) Network aims to develop a unique cohort of biologically and contextually characterized pregnant and non-pregnant women of reproductive age in East (Kenya), West (The Gambia), and Southern (Mozambique) sub-Saharan Africa region to support research into placental disorders (hypertension, fetal growth restriction and stillbirth).

    PRECISE adopted OpenSpecimen to manage biospecimens collected in three African countries and operated by King’s College London with the Data Management team at the University of British Columbia (UBC).

    Read more: Implementation at PRECISE Network (Africa) - OpenSpecimen

    We thank the PRECISE network team for their valuable contribution towards creating this case study.