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    How do I search for the container identifier in order to change the container name by .csv import?

    I am using v6.0

    Hello @SC.lab.email

    You can get the container identifiers by exporting the containers list from the UI.

    1. Navigate to Home --> Containers
    2. Select one or more top-level containers/freezers of your interest. Do not select any container if you want to export all.
    3. Click on the export.

    All the containers (rack/boxes) underneath the selected top-level container will be exported to the CSV file. You can use this CSV file to do the required modification and upload back to OpenSpecimen for bulk import.

    I hope above answers your question.


    Thank you @vpawar

    I exported a container from demo.openspecimen.org and the output.csv listed the container Identifier. I have tried this in v6.0 and the Identifier is not available.

    Hello @SC.lab.email

    1. The identifiers in the exported CSV were added in v6.1
    2. In v6.0 there is no way but to go to the individual container overview page and copy the identifier from the URLs.

    May I know why are you still stuck with v6.0? Which center/biobank?


    We are on v6.0 because we’ve not yet performed further upgrades.