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    Is there any possibility in Openspecimen to make use of some sort of event trigger? So, every time a user generates a participant, I would like to be informed about it and be able to extract informations related to this newly generated participant, like its ID.

    In the end the idea would be to automatically extract the participant’s ID from Openspecimen and enter it into a Redcap instrument. The Redcap Integration Plugin does something similiar, but in the opposite direction. Actually one would need to somehow switch the arrows around.


    This is not supported currently. We do have a limited mechanism to put events in an MQ (queue) when specimens are created/updated and can be enhanced to include participants add/edit.

    This feature is available only in Enterprise Edition.


    Hi Sri,

    Regarding Vanessa’s question, I would like to ask:
    could this feature be implemented to our OpenSpecimen server?
    So that each time a new participant is added to a collection protocol, a message regarding participant’s eMPI will be put in MQ?
    Do you know if REDCap will be capable of “reading” this MQ?



    I will email you directly on implementation at your server.

    About whether REDCap can read MQ, I am not 100% sure but there might be some community developed plugins for it.