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  • Distribute all samples from the cart - limited to 50?


    I attempted to Distribute All samples from a cart following this guide - http://forums.openspecimen.org/search?q=Distribute%20from%20the%20cart
    I use Comunity Edition v6.1. The cart had 1000+ samples in, but only 50 carry over to the Distribution Create Order steps. Why is this? If limited to 50, how do I increase the number?


    Hi @John_M,

    Did you use ‘Distribute All’ option from the cart? The guide link you have provided is going to forums, you can refer to this link for distribution from cart.

    If you still face issues with 'Distribute All, it might be related to the bug (OPSMN-5191) which was fixed in v6.3.

    There is a way to increase the number of specimens displayed using ‘Configure order specimens UI limit’ in settings, refer to this page for more details. But we do not recommend increasing it to more than 100. It is best to use the ‘Distribute All’ option for distributing more than 100 specimens.

    Hi @Harshita_Shivhare,

    Thanks for getting back to me. I was using the ‘distribute all’ button. Imagine it was the bug causing the problem then.
    I’ll update versions soon and let you know if still a problem.