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  • Distribute order items one by one


    I would like to ask, if it’s somehow possible to distribute individual specimens (aliqouts) which are contained in a order, but not via the Distribute button, because it distributes all the specimens in the order.

    We’ve tried to send a PUT request to openspecimen/rest/ng/specimens/{specimenId} with the appropriate specimen json, but changed one value:

    "distributionStatus": "Distributed",

    I’ve received a reply of 200 OK, but the distributionStatus value stayed the same.

    I’ll be glad for any tips.


    I’m also very interested in this topic, could you give us the answer?

    Hi guys,

    I have the same issue! Is there a special REST call to solve that problem?



    Hi @Prayuja_Teli1,

    thanks a lot for the reply.
    To 1)
    we definitely need an API call, because there are robots which distribute them and also there are to many possibilities for errors, if it is done manually.

    To 2)
    I did it like you said via an API call and got partially distributed specimens. But we need it in a way that the distribution-status changes. Otherwise the position in the freezer isn’t empty and that’s crucial for our system. OS should communicate with the robot automatically.

    If we find a proper solution we will post it here!

    Have a nice day,