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  • Feature Request: Copy down distribution amounts

    Feature Request: Copy distributed volume/amount to all samples
    We’re using v.2.4, hoping to roll out 2.5 to testing in a week or so sorry if this is in a more recent version

    Is it possible to add a Copy Down button/link/function when distributing samples via Distribution Orders? I’ve tried setting a required volume in the Distribution Protocol but this doesn’t have any effect.

    We would also find I really useful if there was a Make Virtual button that doesn’t close the sample. We need to pick the samples, thaw them take an aliquot to distribute and refreeze. We very rarely put the sample back into the same position we got it from. Hopefully this can be done using Bulk Uploads though (see earlier question).

    Sorry from the crappy MS Paint mock up

    This is just a quick test, copying 0.125 for these 10 samples isn’t a big deal, but the actual project has 2250 samples, which is going to be a real pain.

    Thanks a lot

    Thanks for the suggestions Gav. We will log these as enhancements in Jira and include fixes for it coming releases. Will include you in the Jira tickets so that you can track the progress.