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  • Freeze thaw cycles

    One of the adopters has requested to add ability to capture freeze thaw cycles at specimen level. Does any other center have this requirement?

    If yes, should it be a calculated field. For example:

    • Freeze thaw cycles for the parent should be incremented by 1 when an aliquot/derivative is created from it. Child should inherit the freeze/thaw cycle from parent.
    • Every time the sample is marked returned, the freeze/thaw cycle should be incremented.

    Please let us know your feedback


    Hi Poornima,

    Yes, I think we’d use this feature. It probably should be a calculated attribute, but not just or whenever there is a aliquot/derivative created. “Working plates”, for example, may not have a new aliquot created. Just thawed, used and refrozen.

    Maybe have the potiental within the CP design to optional mark an aliquot/derive step as involving a thaw/freeze cycle. But also have a thaw/freeze event and it’s the sum of these two that gives the actual count.

    And as you said, any children should inherit the count from their parent at the point of creation, but then increment independently of each other.

    Could you make this a generic incrementing field? A function like this could also be useful to record the passage number for cell culture.

    All the best

    ping: @pgovindrao

    Hi Gav,

    Thanks for the feedback. Based on the consolidated feedback, we have created this ticket for the feature - https://openspecimen.atlassian.net/browse/OPSMN-2791.

    We will consider having this as part of CP design in future versions.