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    When a form is no longer needed, is there a way to hide a current form that has been linked to a protocol? Has anyone ever tried to do this? I want to keep the data available for queries, but would like to hide or close it so that no new information is entered.

    Hi @Michele_Park,

    Yes, it is possible to hide custom forms based on rules. Please refer to the Wiki page
    https://openspecimen.atlassian.net/wiki/x/WALTJw for more details

    Once hidden the form will not be visible for data entry for old/new participants. The data that was added before hiding the form will be visible only via query interface.


    Hi @Neha_Nimgire,

    we followed the instructions on the wiki page and this didn’t work for us.

    We added in system-workflow.json
    "participant" : [ { "when" : "cp.shortTitle == 'Testing rule CP'", "forms" : ["XYZForm"] } ]
    like in the example JSON from the wiki page, but nothing happened.
    Is there a specific place in the JSON-file, where to add those things?
    Can we change this in system-workflow or do we add this to a collection protocol?

    I am looking forward to your answer!

    Best regards,


    Same issue here ! Is there something specific about the keys to use within the JSON … guess im missing something very simple about the key value structure. Which log would tell me about the loading of the system workflow files and if there were warnings. Since a correct .json always imports without having any effect.