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  • How to modify execution date of distribution

    Hi all,
    There are some data entry errors in our OpenSpecimen V4.3.
    The Execution Date of a few distributed specimens were incorrectly entered.
    When I try to modify the Execution Date, I can modify the date but there is no “Save” button.
    I tried reopening the specimen but the “Save” button does not appear.
    Maybe I am doing something wrong.
    Any help would be appreciated.
    Dr. Ken

    Hi @kwatts59,

    The ‘Distributed Event’ is a system generated event created whenever the sample is distributed. The details of which cannot be changed/deleted by the user.

    We have logged a ticket OPSMN-3364 to allow users to edit the distribution order details.


    Hi, I would also like to edit a distribution orders details to indicate that the order was received and assigned a new ID on the receiver’s system. Is this possible yet?

    thank you,

    Hi its possible to edit the distributed orders for more details refer to the wiki page. For more details please send an email to support@krishagni.com.