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  • Issue with adding a comment

    Hi, is it possible to add a comment such as patient withdrawn, on the participant level and not just the visit level please?

    Is there anyway I can also add that comment when I run a Query of bulk samples and it automatically updates all of them?

    Hello Wafa_V,

    Yes, comment can be added as ‘Custom field’ on the participant page. This will be available for query too. Refer to wiki page for details on adding custom fields.

    You need not copy the same field value to all specimens. You will be able to query the bulk of samples and include the participant comment field to view the data for all specimens. Refer to wiki page for details on configuring query columns.

    If you are looking at capturing information about participants withdrawing consents. You can also look at the ‘Consents’ feature to track this. Refer to wiki page for more details on consents tracking.