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  • Limited PHI distributions and distributing containers


    Hi all,

    I had two questions related to specimen distribution:

    1. For distributions where PHI is withheld or limited, how would you indicate on the manifest that two distributed specimens are from the same participant and/or from the same parent specimen?

    2. Is it possible to distribute a container and the specimens within it? For certain distributions the entire container with specimens is shipped, meaning this container would no longer exist in our system. However, during a distribution in OpenSpecimen the specimens are removed from their container and those locations become available again.

    Thank you!


    Hi @Fiona_O_Brien

    1. You can include de-identified IDs like participant PPID or parent specimen label in the distribution report. For help in configuring distribution report, refer to https://openspecimen.atlassian.net/wiki/x/PAHDBg
    2. No, it is not possible to distribute containers.


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