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  • New field for specimen - 'Cell Count'

    One of our clients has requested to add a new field ‘Cell Count’ at specimen level for PBMCs.
    The PBMCs are suspended in liquid and stored so they want to capture the volume/quantity in ml. Distribution of these specimens are also tracked in ‘ml’.
    The number of cells present in this suspension will be recorded in ‘Cell Count’ field (in millions). So they need this additional field at Specimen level.

    Is this feature useful to add in the generic release? Also, is this only applicable for PBMCs or all cell types?


    This would be a very useful addition

    Hi There, could you please let me know if this has progressed. This would be VERY useful for our users as this topic is a constant query. Does anyone else have a comment on the usefulness of these fields.
    It would be applicable to all cells types
    Thank you

    Hello @Pamela_Saunders,

    We have not added additional field for cell count because:

    1. Default OpenSpecimen shows ‘count’ as units for quantity if you select any type under Cells. So you can capture cell count under quantity field for Cell type specimens
    2. If you are capturing quantity in ml for the suspension liquid of the cells, then you can use concentration field to capture cell count. I think VCB does this.

    Last option is to add custom field and attach at ‘Specimen Custom Fields’ level which will add it under specimen main page.