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  • New in v7.1: Specimen Cart Enhancements

    With inputs from Washington University (USA) and others, below are some usability enhancements done in the specimen cart module:

    Remove distributed specimens from the cart

    Earlier after distributing, the specimens had to be manually distributed from the cart. Now you get an option when distributing to remove the specimens after distribution.

    One-click “Distribute Now” option

    Now on clicking “Distribute” you have the option to “Distribute Now” which uses the default settings to perform the distribution in one click.

    See the “Distribute Now” button in the above image.

    "View My Default Cart" Option

    Earlier, finding your default cart needed many clicks. Now you can click on the button “View My Default Cart” in one-click.

    For more details refer: https://openspecimen.atlassian.net/wiki/x/B4ARBw