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  • New in v8.1 - Color coding in container map view

    Reported By: The University of Auckland, Murdoch Children’s Research Institute & others.

    Earlier, the container map did not display any information about the type of specimens in the box. To visualize this map better, you now have an option to configure different colors based on specimen types.

    Configuration of these colors can be done using the dropdown manager.

    For details, refer: https://openspecimen.atlassian.net/l/c/0tGrrBjb

    Is it possible to change the color of the text in the container map view? Our team is receiving feedback that the white text is difficult to read.

    Hello @hwhitak1,

    Yes, you can choose the background and font color in the container map view based on specimen type/class. You need to add 'background= crimson, color= black, opacity= 0.8 ’ under ‘Value’, where the ‘color’ refers to font color. Refer to the wiki page for more information.