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  • New in v8.2: SpecimenCatalog User Interface Improvements

    OpenSpecimen’s SpecimenCatalog feature is becoming popular due to increased emphasis on data sharing with researchers.

    Based on the inputs from National University Hospital (Singapore), v8.2 supports the following new features in the catalog:

    ‘View more’ button:

    Displaying many fields about the specimen on the results view page can make the UI look cluttered. Instead, you can configure a “View More” button on each row to include additional fields of the specimen.

    Advanced catalog columns configuration:

    Earlier, all the columns defined in the query would be displayed automatically in the catalog. With v8.2, now you can specify a “Default View” with a subset of the columns. The catalog users can add additional columns based on their interests.

    For more details, refer: https://openspecimen.atlassian.net/l/c/721pniHZ