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  • New in v9.0 - Draft and Publish Modes for Collection Protocols

    Regulatory compliances mandate a review of Collection Protocol updates before the changes are published.

    From v9.0, you can enable the “CP Revisions” feature using a system-level setting. By default, it is disabled.

    When a collection protocol is edited:

    • It is automatically changed to the draft mode.
    • The watermark ‘DRAFT’ is visible on all CP and data entry pages.
    • Other CP admins can review the changes before publishing.
    • All revisions can be viewed by clicking the ‘Revisions’ tab.
    • Users can continue to register participants and specimens during the draft mode.

    Watch a short video here.

    For more details, refer: https://openspecimen.atlassian.net/l/c/N3X5Sazo