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  • New in v9.0 - Pooled Specimens

    Reported by: Amsterdam University Medical Center and many others

    From v9.0, OpenSpecimen supports merging multiple specimens into one using the ‘Pool’ feature.

    This feature is available on multiple pages (cart, specimen list, visit overview, etc.).


    1. You can pool specimens of different types and lineage.
    2. You can pool specimens from multiple participants and visit within one CP.
    3. Assigning the pooled specimen to a participant and visit is mandatory.
    4. When pooling across multiple participants, you can assign it to one of the participants or create a dummy participant.
    5. The pooled specimen is highlighted with a ‘Pink’ color and tagged as ‘Pooled’.
    6. The specimens used in pooling are marked as closed.

    For more details: Refer to the wiki page and watch the below video.