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  • New in v9.0 - Specimen processing workflows plugin

    Reported by: University Medical Center Utrecht, Amsterdam University Medical Center

    Note: This is a paid plugin.

    From v9.0, administrators can design workflows for complex specimen collection and processing procedures. Workflows can be designed per CP and/or specimen type.

    For example, ‘Serum Blood Processing’ can be defined as a workflow that consists of tasks:

    Receive blood tubes → Rest the tubes 15-30 min → Spin at 1,000–2,000 x g for 10 minutes → Process into serum aliquots → Store

    Below are the highlights of processing workflows:

    1. Each workflow can contain multiple tasks.
    2. Each task can be assigned to specific user groups.
    3. Assigned users get email notifications.
    4. Each task can have different data fields or operations to perform.
    5. Defaults can be set at every task level.
    6. Deviations from the standard tasks can be tracked with reasons.
    7. Specific tasks can be skipped.
    8. Tasks can include printing labels.

    For more details: Refer to the wiki page and watch the below video: