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  • OpenSpecimen v7.1 released


    OpenSpecimen v7.1 is now released with some exciting features, bug fixes, and usability enhancements.

    v7.1 Highlights

    Import Collection Protocols (CP) via CSV
    Inputs from: Murdoch Children’s Research Institute (Australia)
    You can now create and edit CPs via CSV import. This is useful to import legacy data, interface with an external app, or edit large CPs.

    New Container Reports: Empty Slots and Utilisation
    Inputs from: University of Pittsburgh
    To better utilise freezers, you can check the storage details of the freezer or individual containers within it. In v7.1, we have added two new reports to help with this.

    Order & Shipment Enhancements
    Inputs from: Washington University (USA) and others
    You can now

    • Delete specimens from the cart during distribution
    • Edit orders & shipments after submit
    • Distribute up to 10,000 specimens from the query results

    Hide Collection/Received Event Details (JSON)
    Inputs from: Columbia University (USA) & Telethon Kids (Australia)
    Sometimes, the received event details are not available during collection. Or the collection event details could be different for different specimens.

    Rapid Data Entry(RDE) plugin improvements
    Inputs from: Telethon Kids (Australia)
    There are new enhancements in RDE to allow entering specimens as per collection protocol for multiple participants one after another like a workflow.

    Refer to release notes for more information.