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  • OpenSpecimen v8.1 released

    We are happy to announce release of OpenSpecimen v8.1.

    Release highlights:

    • Specimen Collection Workflow for Clinic Coordinators
    • Specimen Recieve workflow for lab staff
    • Configure screens based on role
    • Specimen collection & Distribution PDF manifests
    • User groups
    • Colour coding in container map view
    • New Field: Specimen availability status
    • Form: Edit control types
    • Audit Form edits
    • eConsents plugin enhancements
    • OpenClinica plugin enhancements
    • Project Tracker plugin enhancements

    Refer to the release notes for more details.

    The demo site is updated with the latest release if you want to try out the new features!

    Contact support@krishagni.com if you are interested to upgrade the OpenSpecimen instance at your site.