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  • OpenSpecimen Webinar: Collecting eConsents from Study Participants

    We are happy to bring you our next webinar - “Collecting eConsents from Study Participants”.

    OpenSpecimen’s eConsents module supports collecting consents directly from participants via emails or in the clinic. This is an excellent opportunity to learn how to eConsent study participants, versioning, design validations, reporting, and more…

    The eConsents module is now used in three major US universities:

    1. Columbia University Medical Center
    2. Kansas University Medical Center
    3. University of Miami

    Date and Time: 16 Mar | 8 AM PT

    To register: Click here

    Agenda Webinar:

    1. Designing consent forms and versioning
    2. Support for surrogate and ascent forms
    3. Multiple language forms
    4. Send email notifications to patients to fill out consent forms
    5. Validations based on consent responses
    6. Reporting based on consent responses
    7. Using mobile/tablet apps in clinics

    Feel free to register even if you are busy or in a different timezone; we will share a recording of the webinar.

    A reminder to register for our upcoming webinar “Collecting eConsents from Study Participants”.

    Date and Time: 16 Mar | 8 AM PT

    To register: Click here

    Register even if the date/time does not suit your schedule. We will email you the recording.

    Thanks for attending the ‘Collecting eConsents from Study Participants’ webinar.

    For those who missed it, you can access the recording here.