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  • OpenSpecimen Workshop (London, UK)

    We are pleased to announce a free one-day OpenSpecimen Workshop co-hosted by Oxford University in London.

    Location: London (United Kingdom)

    Venue: Oxford University

    Dates: July 17

    Click here for agenda and registration.

    About the workshop:

    • One-day free event for OpenSpecimen current and prospective users.
    • Includes demos & workshops on new features, product training, technical sessions and product roadmap.
    • Talks by adopters about their experiences and best practices.
    • Network with users from other biobanks & exchange ideas

    Krishagni conducted a one-day workshop at Oxford University (U.K.). 35 people from various institutes across the U.K., Switzerland, Germany, Netherlands, Israel, etc. attended the workshop.

    A big thanks to Oxford University for allowing us to host the workshop. We look forward to hosting more such workshops in the future.