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  • Printing from OpenSpecimen - Multiple Protocols and Multiple Printers

    Does anyone have an instance of OpenSpecimen where you have multiple collection protocols, and each protocol may have multiple printers? We are trying to figure out how to set these configurations up in OpenSpecimen v7.0.

    For example:

    Test Collection Protocol 1 has the following printers: 1) Dymo Printer A & 2) Dymo Printer B

    Test Collection Protocol 2 has the following printers: Dymo Printer XYZ and Dymo Printer ABC and Dymo Printer JKL

    We would like to be able to have the users from Test Collection Protocol A be able to select which printer they are sending their labels to (Printer A or Printer B). And Test Collection Protocol 2 to be able to select from Dymo Printer XYZ or Dymor Printer ABC, etc…

    Thank you.

    We don’t limit our print rules to CP’s but we are also interested in the functionality of having a user choose their printer. For our example, we want the user to have to ability to choose between printing a fixed or frozen tissue specimen type from a brady label printer vs. a slidemate slide printer.