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  • Q: Is there a processing event to take a volume from an aliquot in OS?

    We often:

    • sent a set volume from numerous aliquots away to another centre (where they analyse the samples)
    • take a set volume from numerous aliquots to analyse the samples

    Our problem:
    When we want to analyse a sample (or sent some of our samples away to another centre to have it analysed there), we take out e.g. 50 microliters of Serum from one aliquot of many patients of interest.
    At the moment we only add a Thaw Event in OS with the comment “Took out 50 microliters”.
    Unfortunatelly, we have not found a way to not only Thaw an aliquot, but also decrease its total volume with e.g. 50 microliters.
    Yes, it is possible to “Edit” the volume in each aliquot’s individual dataset, but that is very time consuming and tedious…

    Is it possible to take a volume from an aliquot in OS, as a processing event?

    We would really see a great benefit if it would be possible to also do this as a bulk event in a Cart!

    Kind regards,
    Jolien Oosterveer

    Hello Jolien Oosterveer,

    Below are two ways you can capture the utilization of specimens for your use cases:

    1. Sent aliquots to another center: Capture this as ‘Distribution’ to track whom you sent it to, how much of each aliquot was sent and distribution date. Refer to ‘Distribution’ for more details.
    2. Take a set volume for analysis: You can add a thaw event as you do now and additional through cart, you can bulk edit to enter the change in available quantity for all aliquots at once. Refer to bulk edit under ‘Bulk Operations’ page.


    Hello Sharvari,

    Thank you for the explaination regarding the ‘Distribution’.

    I have also tried to bulk edit the change in available quantity, but when I try this (in ‘Carts’ > ‘Edit’, with only serum samples selected) I can only change the ‘Available Quantity’ to the number I enter. It does not decrease the Available Quantity by the number I enter. Under ‘Edit’ I do not get the “Select Field” page that the example from your link shows. Instead I get the list with Collection Status, Type, Initial Quantity, Available Quantity, Created on, etc (all not filled in and ready to be changed in bulk).
    Did I do that wrong? Our aliquots have varying volumes but we always take out the same volume (per analysis moment).

    Thank you so much in advance!

    Kind regards,

    Hello Jolien,

    “Bulk edit” feature is used to make similar updates to a set of specimens e.g. update the available quantity of all specimens to 8 ml. You are not seeing ‘Select Field’ option either because you are not using latest version (v7.0) or you use community edition of the software.

    To take a set volume for analysis, ‘Distribution’ is the only easiest option. You can create a distribution protocol for internal use and distribute under that.

    Another option(adds few more steps though):

    • Create aliquots from the specimens you used for analysis using the cart
    • Mark the newly created aliquots(Click on ‘Include Child Specimens’ under more in cart to view them) as closed with reason.
    • This way the quantity is deducted from the original aliquots based on the volume you used up.


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