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  • Releasing v3.0 & coming up features in v3.1

    We are happy to announce the release of v3.0 with the below features. Refer to https://openspecimen.atlassian.net/wiki/x/FoAsAQ for more details.

    Pre-printing labels for rapid data entry
    Pre-print specimen labels to save time in specimen collection process.

    Query Enhancements:

    • View specimens of an entire freezer and not just a box
    • View entire hierarchy (Freezer->Rack->Box) in the results view
    • Filter based on count of visits and specimens categorized by status to generate statistical reports
    • Hyperlinked results to directly go to a record


    • Merge duplicate participants along with the visits and specimens
    • Add events to bulk of specimens from the user interface
    • Performance enhancements - Query results, Container Map
    • Export specimen cart

    Coming up in v3.1

    v3.1 will be released by April 10. The new features will be:

    Capture Freeze/Thaw cycles

    • Capture the freeze thaw cycles of every specimen which helps to assess the usability of the specimen.
    • Automatically calculate the cycles when aliquots are processed

    Return specimens

    • Capture the workflow of returned specimens from the researchers
    • Allocate new storage location and returned quantity

    Master bulk import template

    • Add specimens with participant and visit in single bulk import

    Query Enhancements

    • View subset of aliquots of a parent specimen.
    • Query for root specimen fields like collector, ischemia time & processing time without having to create complex temporal or hierarchical conditions.

    Rapid Container Replication

    • Create whole hierarchy of containers (freezer, racks, boxes, etc) in a single click
    • Auto naming of containers


    • Automatic reminders to PIs and coordinators if their protocols are about to expire.

    Please contact support@krishagni.com if you are interested to upgrade to this version.