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    Is it possible to view the Collection Date/Time in specimen list-view?

    I have not been able to locate the field for this in the wiki https://openspecimen.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/CAT/pages/53051395/List+View+Configuration#ListViewConfiguration-ParticipantandSpecimenListView:


    Hi @SC.lab.email,

    Yes, it is possible. You need to add the below code in the specimen list view.

      "expr" : "Specimen.extensions.SpecimenCollectionEvent.time",
      "caption" : "Collection Date"

    I have added this example in wiki page as well.



    Thank you for your help.

    Do you have the code for viewing PV fancy control fields in the specimen list view?


    Hi @SC.lab.email,

    Yes, the below code is used to add the user fancy control. Similarly, you can add any type of custom fields by changing the ‘udn’ of the field(“technician”)

     "expr" : "Specimen.customFields.wCMCSpecimenFields.technician",
     "caption" : "Technician"


    Please refer the wiki page to know more about list view pages configuration.



    Hi Tushar,
    I sent the earlier reply too soon. The value for the collection date doesn’t actually appear in the specimen-list view. No errors are encountered when importing the workflow.
    Thank you for updating the wiki page with the code for custom forms to appear in the list. I will try it now.


    Hi @SC.lab.email,

    I think this is because the specimen shows in your list (first 100 specimens) are derived or aliquot and the ‘Collection Date’ is only applied to the primary specimen i.e, “Lineage=New”.

    See the below screenshot. I have used the same code and I am able to see the values.
    Can you please filter the list based on Lineage and check?

    Please check the above and let us know if you are still not able to see the values.



    Hi Tushar,

    I’ve filtered for New lineage and the collection date does not appear.

    The workflow contains custom fields, but collection date is not one of them:
    “name” : “specimen.collectionEvent.time”,
    “caption” : “Collection Date”,
    “type” : “date”,
    “defaultValue” : “current_date”,
    “optional” : true,
    “showIf” : {
    “op” : “AND”,
    “rules” : [ {
    “field” : “specimen.lineage”,
    “op” : “==”,
    “value” : “‘New’”
    }, {
    “field” : “specimen.reqId”,
    “op” : “not_exist”
    } ]
    “showInOverviewIf” : “useShowIf”


    Hi @SC.lab.email,

    Can you please provide the complete JSON file? I need to see how you add the code in specimen-list view section.