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  • Tokens available to the MPI

    We will be using the “Broad Protocol” CP as a master list for our studies that are consented using this “catch-all” protocol. Since some, but not all, of our studies will be using this protocol, we want the master list that the patients will be registered to first then applied to the individual biobanks or studies as we collect for them. Therefore, when a patient is scheduled, the coordinators will be able to look at the Broad Protocol CP to see if the patient has already been consented, if so, this allows us to collect from the patient for another study without reconsenting.

    Therefore, the MPI is important for us to have because then when a patient gets registered to an individual biobank/study, it will also show the patient’s MPI from the Broad Protocol. Since all of the coordinators will be registering patients to the Broad Protocol as they’re consented, we would like to have the MPI autogenerate in OS to reduce any chances of user error.

    Hi @John_Reber,

    MPI auto-generation supports including a prefix, unique ID(any number of digits), and suffix. No other tokens are supported. You can refer to the wiki page for more details.



    OK, thanks for the update,