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  • Tracking blocks that are distributed and then returned

    Hi Everyone,
    We often distribute large FFPE blocks that are then returned to our biobank to be stored for future use. We put the blocks back in the same locations when they are returned. How do folks keep track of distributed blocks when querying? It seems like a lot of work to match the distribution event to the return event. One possibility is to use check in/check out toggle when blocks are distributed. Interested in hearing how other groups manage this.
    Thank you,

    More details since no one has answered my question.

    I would like to exclude samples that have been distributed when I query. Is there a specimen level field that displays this? I would expect “Collection Status” but the only options are collected, missing, pending, not collected.

    However, when I visit the page for an individual sample, the Collection Status is color-coded and listed as distributed, returned, etc.

    Any help appreciated,

    Hi @Sarah_H,

    Hope this workflow will help:
    When you distribute the block, mark it as closed. This will remove the block from storage and available quantity is updated to 0. This will allow you to query for specimens that are not in storage or quantity > 0 or activity status not equals closed if you want to exclude distributed specimens. But there will be an additional step for you here: Since you say that you want to reserve the storage location for the same block when it is returned, you have to ‘Block’ that position and when it is returned, you need to check the transfer event of the tissue to put back to the same spot. If you are not specific about putting back to the same spot, it will be easier because when you return you can update with new location and returned quantity.

    Check-in and check out event will also not work because you will have the same issue in query where you to find matching events.

    Unfortunately, there is no other way right now. We will consider including additional collection status for specimen like reserved, distributed etc in future versions.


    Thanks Poornima, appreciate your help with this!