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  • Transfer specimen between collection protocols

    Wondering would it be possible to transfer specimen from one collection protocol to another collection protocol?

    Use case scenario:
    I have specimen collected under collection protocol CPA. Later on, that patient consented and got registered to collection protocol CPB. Her specimen in CPA was retrieved and derivatives were made. Now, I want to store these derivatives under CPB.

    A simple solution would be to create the specimen collection visit in CPB. However, this would create duplicate records since this specimen collection visit is in reality the specimen collection visit under CPA. Also, I can’t really link these two visits.

    Many thanks for your help.


    Hi Samuel_Leung,

    Can you explain why you want to move the specimens just because the participant consented to CPB? One participant can be registered to multiple CPs at the same time.

    Ideally, you should not be doing such movements unless the specimen was registered under the wrong CP by mistake.

    If you have to move, you can move the primary specimens using this wiki page. We do not support moving only child specimens.