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  • 'Wizards of Biobanking' Podcast: ORIGINS Biobank (Telethon Kids)

    Watch the first video from our podcast series – “Wizards of Biobanking”. In this series, we talk to different biobanking leaders about various aspects of biobanking and their experience with OpenSpecimen.

    Biobank: ORIGINS biobank (Telethon Kids Institute).

    Attendees: Nina d’vaz (Biobank Manager) and Courtney Kidd (Biobank Assistant)

    Highlights of the podcast:

    • Introduction to the ORIGINS project
    • Biobank participants recruitment
    • Consents process
    • Sharing biospecimens with researchers
    • Publicizing biobank
    • Data collection
    • Ensuring biospecimen security
    • Impact of COVID19 on biobank operations
    • Biobank staff training
    • Biobank certification
    • Experience with OpenSpecimen

    Please let us know your feedback and suggestions on the upcoming podcast episodes at contact@krishagni.com.