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  • Wizards of Biobanking: The University of British Columbia

    Watch the fifth video from our podcast series, “Wizards of Biobanking”. In this episode, Adam Velenosi (Program Manager), Anastasia Dropol (Senior Data Coordinator), and Naveen Karduri (Scientific Analyst) from the University of British Columbia provided insight into their biobank and discussed some important aspects of biobanking. Hope you enjoy this video!

    Biobank: The University of British Columbia

    Attendees: Adam Velenosi, Anastasia Dropol, and Naveen Karduri

    Highlights of the podcast:

    • Introduction to Adam, Anastasia, and Naveen
    • Introduction to Biobank at the University of British Columbia
    • How many users access OpenSpecimen?
    • Sharing Biospecimens for Research
    • Publicizing the Biobank
    • Participant Enrollment
    • Consents Management
    • Biospecimen Quality Management
    • Reporting
    • Biobank Certifications
    • Onboarding new users/groups to OpenSpecimen
    • Legacy Data Migration
    • What do the end-users like most in OpenSpecimen?

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